The Crafter’s Journal

Love to get creative with all kinds of craft projects?
This handy journal helps you keep track of your handmade creations! Know what projects you’d like to repeat before you get out that glue gun or those beading needles. Did you find instructions for a project that looked great, but ended up as a “Nailed it!” meme on Pinterest? Write that down too, and save yourself a future headache. Crafting product hot or not? Jot it down.
If you donate your crafts to a charity, keep track of what you’ve created and where it was sent. Have a quota? Make sure you’re on target here. You can keep track of materials costs, too, if you wish.
Copy or create your own stich patterns with a chart grid. Fix a pattern mistake, or edit it to add your own style.
Know what works and what doesn’t with your own Crafter’s Journal.

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