The Sewing Project Journal


Clothing! Home décor! Crafty gifts! If sewing is your bag, this handy journal helps you keep track of your stitched creations! Know what projects you’d like to repeat before you head to the fabric store. That finished garment looked great on the packet, but the pattern was nearly impossible to understand? Note it here. Did you draft or modify a pattern? Write that down too, and save yourself some future head-scratching. Was the fabric lovely or loathsome to work with? Jot it down.
If you donate your projects to a charity, or give them away as gifts, keep track of what you’ve created and where it was sent. Have a quota? Make sure you’re on target here. You can keep track of materials costs, too, if you wish.
Staple a swatch of fabric, or add a photo of the finished project – or both.
Know what works and what doesn’t with your own Sewing Project Journal.

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